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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama!

I came across a book recently that has gotten me really excited!  Trim Healthy Mama, written by Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett, is an excellent, down to earth, common sense approach to healthy living!  If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you understand my battle with weight loss, and honestly, I had no intention of returning to any type of blogging or creating a buzz around my weight again.  That thought just gives me a stomach ache.

I stumbled across the book through a friend on Facebook, and have really enjoyed reading through it, although I must admit, I was very skeptical.  I read nearly the entire book in one day, and have found a new sense of excitement about taking hold of my health once again.

I hope to just use this blog to post any success I might have by implementing some of the recipes and advice I've gleaned from reading the book.  I'm new to the THM lifestyle, so if any THMama's come across this blog and have any tips or suggestions, please feel free to share!

This morning, I woke up excited to make the THM Pancakes that I've heard so much about!  I LOVE my carbs, so the fact that pancakes are allowed on the plan is so fantastic!

Trim Healthy Pancakes - E (I've been doing an E meal in the morning, and S meals the rest of the day)
The original recipe is found on page 223-224 in the book, Trim Healthy Mama.  To purchase the book, visit

I adapted this recipe from the book.  I'm not entirely sure that I am allowed to post the recipe on my personal blog, so I am just going to post pictures.  I also think that you really need to read the book to understand how the plan works.  It is really very important that you understand the "E" and "S" rules of the book.  Trust me, the $35 investment is SO worth it!

I did not love the sugar free syrup, and I didn't realize it was made with Splenda until I opened it this morning.  It also had a slight after taste that I do not enjoy.  Next time, I would enjoy these yummy pancakes with just the fruit!  I can still enjoy my morning coffee with cream on this plan! This makes for one happy mama..and I hope to be a trim, healthy mama someday! ;)

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