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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Can Run!

Hello my friends and family!!
Well, I am down another one pound this week!  From everything I read and hear, slow and steady weight loss is the best way to lose and gives me a higher chance of keeping the weight off!  Honestly, one pound was a little sad since I ran 4 days this week so far!  I just keep telling myself that losing one pound is still a loss..and my plan is to live this new lifestyle for the rest of my life, so eventually I will hit my goal weight!

I am feeling amazing!  I've incorporated just a little more whole grain into my diet, just because I seem to get hungrier since I've been training for the 5k.

Last week on a very hectic day, and after not eating all day long, I came home at 8:30pm, famished and ready to eat everything in sight. I actually had a small dish of white pasta. (I know-shocking!)  I didn't want to do it, but I was feeling desperate, and it's what was available and I figured it was probably a better option than the ice cream in the freezer.  I ate it and honestly didn't even really enjoy it..I was wishing for fish and grilled veggies, really.  I also did not go into any type of self-condemnation at all.  If I would have done that then it would have been easy for me to spiral out of control and eat anything I wanted since I "failed" anyways..but I kept my head on straight.  I ate the pasta, and then got out of the kitchen and back to the work I was doing.  That's just my little confession..and I honestly felt like I had conquered something, really, because my biggest "temptation" has always been pasta, and to put it in my mouth and not want to eat the entire pan was serious progress for me!  I didn't even want more..I just wanted to fill my starving belly and get on with what I had to do the rest of the night!  However, what I should have done was to prepare myself for the day and made something healthy and kept it in the fridge for when I got home and taken healthy snacks with me to eat throughout the day.  Honestly, in the past couple of months I have learned to carry healthy snacks (fruit or veggies) with me if I am out and about, but on that particular day I just neglected to prepare myself for the day. 

I've also noticed that I do not look at my scriptures as often as I used to.  It became like second nature to me to just open up my notebook and recite verses during the day and especially when I felt cravings.  I am sad to say that I have not kept up with it as I should, and I have definitely noticed that I feel like I have more is something I am going back to immediately.  I can never, ever think that I no longer need to rely on the Word of God.  It is what has sustained me throughout this journey and I cannot slack in this area at all.  My spiritual "diet" is far more important than my physical diet!

So that is my update for the week.  I covet your prayers as I continue this journey.  Every day is another opportunity to completely die to myself and become the self-disciplined woman that I am in Christ!  I'm also on week two on the couch to 5k training program, and am feeling unbelievable!! Thank you all for loving me and praying for me!!

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