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Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm Still Here and Still on the Journey

Hello Friends and Family!
I am still here and still on the journey!! It's been a busy couple of weeks! I didn't get a chance to update last week.  I stepped on the scale last Wednesday and I didn't lose, and since I was preparing to leave for FL the next day, I didn't take the time to update my blog.

When I arrived in FL last Thursday evening, I was talking to my Mom about my weight loss and how it was getting a little frustrating since I have been exercising almost every single day, and even increasing the intensity.  She asked me what I eat in a typical day, and I told her that I was consuming quite a bit of fresh fruit.  Like almost living on it, because I LOVE fruit!  She suggested that I eliminate fruit just for 2 weeks and see if that makes a difference.  Maybe I was consuming too much natural sugar, which equals a lot of calories!  Well, I did as she said and I lost FIVE POUNDS this week!!!!

Who knows, it could be the way my crazy body works or it could be that I was, in fact, eating way too much fruit!  So, I will go another week without any fruit at all and then gradually add a small amount back into my diet.  She explained that fruit should always be eaten in small amounts, especially when trying to lose weight.

It's amazing the things I am learning as I continue this journey! 

Since June 1, I have lost 40 pounds!  I am feeling better than ever and SO thankful for your prayers!! God is so good and I continue to press on and let Him carry me through each day!


kauffeegrl said...

That's so interesting about fruit: I personally can't eat a lot ot it especially with meals because it upsets my stomach. But I wanted to tell you I am still praying for you and SO happy for you!!!! You are doing amazing and I can't wait to see you in person in December, The Amazing Shrinking Woman :-)

christy auberger said...

i am so happy for u!! i am betting ur momma is very proud of u. and, i bet she was very happy that u came to her for advise ;). she has so much knowledge on the subject.

i was wondering - have u done any reading or research on candida - not sure if i spelled that right! sugar and processed foods and yeast all are a problem for ppl who mite have this issue. it made a great difference in how i felt and looked when i actually did what it was i need to do. u seem to be doing so well and with the fruit acting the way it did with u, i wondered if that mite be an issue for u. of course, if it is, u r doing the right thing for it!!

keep up the good work and stay ever so close to our loving God....