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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Still Here!!

Hello Family and Friends!
It's been a very busy much so that finding the time to update my blog was nearly impossible.  Summer is definitely in full swing, so I expect to only do weekly updates throughout the summer.

Last week was VBS at our church, and we had a fantastic time!  I am so thankful for the incredible church family that God has blessed us with.  July 4th weekend then came upon us rather quickly, and the sounds and smells of summer were everywhere!  Fireworks, s'mores, ice cream cones...yet even as summer officially arrived, I managed to eat 100% "clean" and healthy! I stepped on the scale this morning, and I dropped another THREE POUNDS!!

All week I have been saying, "I am becoming a woman of self-discipline", in fact I wanted to print it out and hang it on my refrigerator.  The other day, the Lord reminded me that what I should be saying is, "I AM a woman of self discipline!"  So that is exactly what I have been proclaiming over the past couple of days.  There is life and death in the power of the tongue..I am all about speaking life into the lives of my is something I try to do often, so why not speak life into my own body??

So that is what I will be printing out and hanging on my refrigerator.  God in his amazing grace and perfect love has promised to complete this work he has started in me and I can boldly proclaim that in Christ, I do, in fact, posses the Godly trait of self-discipline..

Last week I also began fasting once a week.  I fast on Tuesday's, which, if I think about it from a fleshly perspective, it is very hard, but when I think about giving my heavenly father 24 hours of undivided food to interfere with my thinking as I read his word and as I lift up prayers and conversations with my God, it is very easy, and in fact, it is an act obedience, as I believe that God has showed me that I need to make fasting a regular part of my life. 

I also made it to the YMCA twice last week and worked out on the elliptical machine..which is my favorite machine there.  I also went on 2 bike rides with my family and we then headed up to Stony Brook Park on Saturday where we hiked for a couple of hours.  A month ago I would have been exhausted by the time we finished the hike..the change in my life has already been dramatic.  When we finished the hike I felt amazing..not tired but full of energy!  I carried along my fresh fruit and water to snack on with the kids..a month ago I would have packed granola bars and crackers or chips and possibly some husband and I have determined that we are going to become a healthy, active family!

I continue to praise the Lord for the work he is doing in me.  I am constantly humbled that he has his hand on my life..

I pray you are all enjoying your summer! 

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