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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I woke up this morning after a great night's sleep..ran to the bathroom and then stripped down and stepped on the scale..I even considered popping my contacts in, wondering if my glasses would add any extra weight.. :)  I was too anxious so I just stepped on the scale...

TWELVE pounds GONE!!!!!! I stepped off, reset the scale and stepped on again...just to make read exactly the same the second time around..TWELVE POUNDS in ONE week?!

HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! God is soo good to me..I am beyond thankful for his Word that has been by my side all week and for all of his people he has sent to love on me!!!!

Doin' my happy dance then heading for the kitchen for a nice cold protein shake!! :)


Victoria said...

Way to go!!!!!! So happy for you:) :). "Rejoice with them that do rejoice..."

Jim said...

Great Kristina. Mom and I are very happy for you. Mom was reading on Dr Nicks web site and he ha d a quote by CS Lewis;"What! You too? I thought I was the only one." All of us have our struggles. We love you. Keep on keepin on. You are up to $120.00

Love ya,
Dad and Mom

Kristina Smith said...

I am SOO blessed by such love and encouragement!!
Dad-Michael told me the same thing when I told him how much weight I lost..a great way to look it as $$!! haha thank you soo much for your support and awesome incentive!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!!! Kristina, that is awesome!!! TWELVE whole pounds GONE!!! Way to go!! So proud of you! I can just picture your huge smile upon checking the 2nd time, lol. And what a huge victory this is...proof of your accomplishments! Each time you're tempted, just imagine how much you're LOSING by refraining from indulging. Again, so proud of you! Love you much!!! Sarah Wilbur xoxo