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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Goodbye Facebook

Today was my last day on Facebook for a while - just in case you're wondering. :)

My kids didn't want me to delete it, cuz they love all the pictures, but it's too distracting, not to mention that it can be time I'll probably be off for a while.

This is the first time in my entire life that I am taking every single area of my life very seriously, and actually thinking of myself first for once. I have to. It feels very selfish of me because I am naturally the kind of person who tries to make sure every one else is taken care of and happy except for me. Not that I'm not happy, quite the contrary, but my personality is to keep everyone else happy first.
I've got to stay focused on God's promises to me almost every minute of the day if I am going to get through the next 5 months of this! So..making priorities in my life and sticking to my plan. :)

I'm pretty sure I will survive without facebook, however I must admit that I will miss seeing pictures of other friends kids, etc. and my parents love to see pics of my family..but I'm pretty sure we will all survive!! :)

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