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Monday, June 6, 2011

Day Six

Wow...I am in awe that I have made it through six days on this new road to wholeness that I find myself on.  Today came with it's own challenges, but by the grace of God I made it through the day!

I will weigh myself on Wednesdays, for those of you who are wondering.  Sometimes I feel as if I am already dropping the pounds and then other times I feel like I haven't lost anything.  This one thing I know, I will be excited no matter what the numbers say, because this has been one of the greatest weeks of my life!

Friends, family and even acquaintances continue to pour on the love and support..and I am still unbelievably humbled.

This will be short tonight as I've had a very busy and somewhat stressful day, but I have also had a victorious day!! Praise the Lord!!

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement..I am feeling very blessed tonight.

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