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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weigh-In Anxiety

Well, day seven is almost over. 

I had a really, really relaxing day today, something I really needed.  Spent nearly all day with a friend..someone I believe God has placed in my life for a very specific reason and I am already extremely grateful for our was nice to have another adult to talk to while our kids entertained each other..thank you, my friend.

I'm feeling like the days are getting easier to get through.  Twice I actually forgot to drink my protein shake until almost a half an hour after I was supposed to.  Last week I was counting the minutes until my next shake! haha  I'm still experiencing the hunger pangs as is expected but I am definitely feeling like my body is adjusting to this change in diet, which makes me very happy. :)

I'm feeling a little anxious about the weigh-in tomorrow morning.  I know that I probably lost some weight, but I have a tiny bit of fear that I didn't lose as much as I want to, but I'm working really hard on not dwelling on those thoughts! Pray for me tonight that I will fall asleep quickly..I'm a late night thinker and it tends to make it hard for me to fall asleep..

I will be weighing myself right after I run to the potty in the morning..and I will post on here as soon as my kids are off to school. :)

Another beautiful day on the journey..thank you, Jesus!


Victoria said...

Can't wait to find out! No matter what, remember how well you've done. Praying for you!

Kristina Smith said...

thank you so much Victoria!! God is so good!!