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Monday, June 20, 2011

Day Twenty..

I cannot help but laugh as I think about our evening dinner tonight...

I decided to start trying some new recipes since one of my favorite things to do is create meals for my family..I am usually very good at taking a recipe and making it my own by adding or taking away certain ingredients.  Most of what we eat are recipes that have been passed down by my mother, father, his mother or his grandmother, and new recipes that I've come across in my Bon Appetite magazines or favorite cookbooks that I will "doctor" up and make it my own creation..Since I cannot put anything in my mouth, I have been forced to try these new recipes without taste testing, and I pretty much have to follow them exactly as written, hoping that they come out tasty for my family!!  Until tonight, everyone has been enjoying some new dishes over the past week..

I made a very simple chicken and rice casserole..I figured it was easy, there is no way I could possibly mess it up!  As I was making the cream sauce..yes, a heavy cream sauce for this casserole.  No cheese, just a chicken based cream sauce, with some fresh rosemary.  I thought it seemed like it needed something else, but since I can't taste anything I just followed the recipe.  When I served my family, I stood there waiting for any reaction..not a word was uttered for at least 3 seconds..seemed like an eternity!!  When Tori blurted out.."ewww!! this is nasty!!" I just figured that she is 4, and very picky, so it did not surprise me.  Julia was next and said that she didn't care for it, so she wanted to know if she could have something else.  My husband sat in I had a feeling something was wrong.  For the first time ever, when I asked my husband if he liked the dish, he said, "No"..I couldn't help but just laugh so hard..I have never, ever heard him say flat out, "NO" when I asked him if he liked what I made him.. He is usually a little more gracious and will say, "it was ok" or "it wasn't my favorite".. I knew it had to be awful!! My poor family!! 

Ally came home late and I told her what had transpired so she tasted it and agreed that the rice tasted like mush and had absolutely no flavor..LOL  OK....scratch that recipe!!  It is still making me laugh..even though I threw the entire thing in the garbage!  Good thing I had made some rolls, so they ate them and I cut up a watermelon.. :)

Better stick to what I know for now...I was really tempted to just take a little bite to see how awful it really was!! But I behaved..and just tossed it in the trash. :)  I, however, enjoyed my delicious protein shake! ;)

Another day closer to my goal..

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